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Aug 3, 2021
bigbossbyu All-American
How am I keeping the pandemic going? Barley changed my lifestyle last year
and didn’t get covid. Took all precautions except locking myself in my house. None of my family got covid. Got tested twice and was negative for covid. Went to concerts, events in big cities, and haven’t got covid. For all I know I won’t ever get it but somehow I’m keeping it going?

Did you just ignore the article that 74% of the positive cases in that Massachusetts city were vaxxed people? Are they keeping the pandemic going?

What about Israel? Majority of their cases are now among vaxxed people. Posters here have been touting them all summer about the reasons to get vaxxed but looks like that’s completely flipped and no one brings them up anymore. I’m sure it’ll be that way worldwide eventually.

Vaccine has little impact on you getting covid or not. And the fact that they’re not testing vaxxed people at the rate of unvaxxed means they’re likely spreading it to more people since they don’t know to take the precautions with their cold/flu symptoms. So in a way, YOU’RE keeping the pandemic going.

“Conspiracy theory’s” lol. Keep letting your main stream news tell you how to live your life though. Heaven forbid someone challenges the narrative
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