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Sep 11, 2021
Real G Man All-American
My oldest daughter married a big UU fan (the other 4 daughters were more sensible & married BYU fans). One year she gave
me a blanket that were two blankets sewn together-one a BYU blanket & the other a UU blanket. I never knew how to use it....if I laid the blanket over me with the BYU side up then the UU side was next to my body...ugh....and if I put the BYU side next to me then the UU side was up...double ugh.
After a few years of doing nothing with it I decided to make it a traveling blanket. The winner of the game received the blanket for the year....needless to say I have not seen the blanket in 9 is probably worn out or lost by now.
I wonder what my daughter will mail me on Monday.....maybe a blanket with a BIG XII logo......
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