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Sep 12, 2021
specsauce All-American
I want to talk about some of this information as I don’t think there is anyway the linked article (and others based off
Of this article) are saying about Houston and TCU being invited to the Pac12. First, TCU and Houston are basically opposite ends of the alumni spectrum with TCU having very low enrollment and alumni and Houston having a large number of alumni because it’s like a more matured UVU with lots of alumni. When it comes to TV market, you need interest and viewership. Yes Dallas and Houston are huge TV markets, but TCU interest will come after UT, A&M, OU, OkST, Baylor, TxTech, Arkansas, and LSU…then you might have TCU. Heck, ‘Bama likely has more alumni in the Dallas area than TCU. TCU does not capture the Dallas market. The exact same statement above also covers Houston. Houston doesn’t capture the Houston TV market. The PAC might have done a exploratory review of those markets, but these moves would make zero sense. I’m throwing the BS flag on this article as someone trying to generate something to destabilize the BigXII conference.
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