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Sep 14, 2021
BYUCougarsFan Intervention Needed
This is so cool, guys. Seriously, I hate what the guy did with the shirt, but
I hate that on the internet, we always try to ruin a person's life for a single mistake.

I'm sure we've all made mistakes that if they were blasted around the internet... we could get "cancelled" or "fired."

What this guy did was classless. It clearly hurt Max and his wife... and I don't blame them.

This guy runs a PR/marketing company and hasn't apologized? That's crazy to me. He has such an easy way out, but instead, he went private and doubled down. Not smart... PR-wise, this could have been a big win. Go meet with Max Hall. Apologize, own it like a man. Then guess what? All this publicity would be good for your business. Seriously.

But instead, he exacerbates his mistake. Other groups would have cancelled him, tried to get him to lose his job. I hate that. He has a family he's trying to support, why do we think ruining a guy's life is the right call? Can we let people be imperfect? An eye for an eye just makes the whole world blind.

Ya'all recognized this. Several posters talked about how we "should" respond. Instead of trying to ruin his life and get him fired, you defended Max by donating to a charity. You told the guy you didn't approve of his actions... by helping a sick child find some joy in life. And heck, you donated to HIS fundraiser... all with some light-hearted banter about how the rivalry shouldn't be so toxic.

Gosh, I love BYU fans. Can we always be like this? Turn the other cheek and such, while still defending our own?

Love it! Good work, team, seriously.
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