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Sep 14, 2021
HRCougar All-American
I was really hoping we'd get a Big XII invite and beat Utah in the same weekend
Seems like BYU just can't have nice things. I mean, I logged on here and there while I was overseas and I tuned into the game on Saturday night--but based on all the complete garbage that's on the board this morning we must have had our invite rescinded and the game forfeited after the fact.

Some idiot Utah fan has a dumb shirt and is an idiot. Get over it.

Criddle doesn't appeal to everyone, who cares? Why are you willing to absolutely die on that hill Sid? Let it go man.

One of the greatest weeks in BYU history and we follow it up with a bunch of kindergarten nonsense.

Let's focus on football. We're pretty good and we're 2-0.
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