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Sep 14, 2021
byujacob Got Board Games?
One thing today's posts have taught me: as BYU enters the BigXII, Cougarboard
will be visited more and more often, and BYU will be in a bigger spotlight than ever before. Thus so will Cougarboard. Our community is going to grow. New fans are going to join us. Other teams' fans are going to come and visit us. Some of them are going to be total trash-spewing idiots. Some of them genuinely nice people looking to rub shoulders. And most somewhere in between.

We can either be known as a welcoming online community that tries to do good and represents the best of our fanbase, or we can be known as a toxic place full of whining, rumoring, yewting middle-aged men with nothing better to do than trash talk and spew hate. We may even be able to convert some lost souls from red to blue with our kindness. It will certainly do more good than constant badmouthing and trash talking. See flies, honey, and vinegar.

Personally, I'd rather leave all the trash with other fanbases. We don't want to become like some of the bigoted fanbases we've encountered. I loved how we did the Make a Wish thing today. That was excellent. Let's be more like that as a online community. Let's be known for our humor, our generosity, and our welcoming atmosphere than a place of hostile pseudo-masculinity.
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