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Sep 20, 2021
krindorr Truly Addicted User
My realization why CougarBoard isn't full of hypocrites
Sometimes, it seems like it. See below for the last week's worth of blatantly contradictory mindsets that I've seen a lot.

The thing that I always have to remind myself is that CougarBoard (and the BYU fanbase) isn't a monolith. Most of the time, these takes (which are completely contradictory) come from different people. I just have to believe that the guy who spent the last decade making excuses for why Utah doesn't deserve credit for all those wins isn't the same guy mocking ASU for claiming "ASU lost the game, BYU didn't win".

The BYU fanbase isn't a bunch of hypocrites (I mean, I'm sure some are, that's true everywhere), there's just a huge variety of opinions within the group. Wish we were better at calling it out when it's our own folks who say something dumb, but I don't think it's hypocrites anymore.

CougarBoard: it's disgraceful how P5 teams try to big-time smaller G5 programs
Also CB: we can keep playing Boise, but only in 2-for-1 series

CB: Yewt fans with their PAC12 logo on pathetic
Also CB: Check out this awesome shirt with the Big12 logo!

CB: Speaking of Yewts, I love that we call them that.
Also CB: Calling us TDS is petty and immature. Calling us Zoobs/Zoobies is petty, immature AND dated.

CB: Utah doesn't really deserve to have 9 straight. They were close and we could have (really should have) won at least 3 or 4 of those.
Also CB: Look at ASU claiming they could have won if a few things had gone differently. So pathetic - scoreboard is what matters

CB: Preseason rankings are dumb and set expectations too early. Shouldn't have any rankings for the first 4 weeks at least.
Also CB: Utah was an impressive win because they were ranked early (despite only having beat Weber State). Doesn't matter how bad they eventually are this season, we beat a ranked team. It's a resume-building win even if they finish 4-8.

CB: Calling our coach a [male genitalia] is a low, personal attack on a decent upstanding man, and downright embarrassing for them, as well as being offensive.
Also CB: Personal attacks, jokes or rumours about Whitt are just part of the rivalry, fans need to lighten up about those.

CB: Yewt fans are terrible - look at this collage of mugshots of Yewt fans
Also CB: Using Max Hall's mugshot is just the lowest of the low. Noall is slime.

CB: Cancelling people isn't the answer and it's the problem with society today
Also CB: Noall's had plenty of opportunities to make it right - he needs to lose his job and we need to make sure this gets more attention so he does.

FYI, my takes are:
1. P5 programs it's OK to schedule 2-1s
2. Conference logo is fine, it's exciting. Utah made a big deal of it (though we exaggerate how much it happened without the Utah logo) and we'll do the same. Same way we're now rooting for other Big12 teams instead of seeing them as rivals.
3. All those names are dumb. Also TSPP (the new Ute fan phrase)
4. Scoreboard is scoreboard.
5. Early season ranks mean nothing. If Utah is 4-8, not an impressive resume-builder win (still important in the rivalry, but not nationally meaningful)
6. The reality is that calling someone a [redacted] is going to happen. I'd prefer everyone be decent, but I can't get too riled up about it
7. Mugshots of real people probably shouldn't be used to score internet points
8. Noall can be a terrible guy without needing to lose his job. Not a fan of cancelling people.
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