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Sep 20, 2021
krindorr Truly Addicted User
Did you consider actually reading the post? The one where I specifically said that?

Specifically, the post you were responding to, the one where I said that sometimes it feels like CougarBoard responds to things hypocritically, but then

I always have to remind myself is that CougarBoard (and the BYU fanbase) isn't a monolith. Most of the time, these takes (which are completely contradictory) come from different people.

The whole argument of the post was to point out that there's a collection of people with different opinions and that's why it can come across as so contradictory.  So yeah, I'd say that I've considered that.

I look forward to your comments on Zach Wilson's press conference.

Zach:  We've just got to execute better.  It was a poor performance and we've got to fix that.
ryebrye:  Have you considered that maybe the team needs to execute better?


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