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Sep 24, 2021
BlueVU Half-blood
I just gotta say... I HATE when babies are brought to games...
(Like 0-2 years old). Baby doesn't want to be there. Baby doesn't want all that noise (even with noise-cancelling headphones). Baby doesn't want to be up that late.

If you have a tickets, a baby, but no babysitter, stay home and watch it on TV.

Edit 1: Some think that I'm insinuating that the babies are inconveniencing or bothering me, no. That is not the case. I just think from a baby's perspective that a noisy, bright environment at 10:30 at night wouldn't be too appealing.

Edit 2: People are still thinking I'm hating on crying babies... Please read Edit 1.
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Sep 24, 5:23pm

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