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Sep 25, 2021
AZPTCOUG All-American
I’m effectively brain washing my children…
1) BYU fight song to start the morning (put on BYU shirts)
2) put up the BYU flag
3) blue breakfast (eggs, pancakes etc)
4) make a blue dessert (sugar cookies cut with a Y cutter and blue frosting)
5) lunch on Main Street (Mesa) and BYU creamery ice cream at the Mesa creamery
6) Something I have grilled/smoked for dinner
7) kids get to stay up late eating Y cookies and watching the game. Lots of fight song singing.

My kids are 2 and 4 (both girls) and they are already super in to it. My 4 year old watches the game with me and is starting to learn the rules. She also refuses to wear red or use a red crayon, paint brush etc 😂

My two year old was (again) singing the fight song in her room this morning before I went to get her.

Proud dad!!!
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