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Sep 26, 2021
Marc Spector Asset Prime
My take away's from the game, for what it's worth
1) It was a win. Really, we won. Honestly, at no point was that ever in question or threatened to become a false statement. The cougs had the game won within the first 10 minutes. Sure there was some drama toward the end of the game, but did anyone really think BYU was going to lose this game, honestly?

2) The absence of Pili was MASSIVE, as was the attrition due to injuries. However, I don't think any injury had as much impact on this game as Pili. Bywater did ok for a freshman, had some nice stats. But the leadership and playmaking of Pili was so much bigger than I think many of us had realized. Additionally, it seems like they were specifically picking on the middle interior D just to target the youngster. He gave it a noble shot. But Pili's sideline to sideline playmaking was sorely missed.

3) Allgeier needs more touches, plane and simple. He had less than 10 going into the fourth quarter. That's not acceptable. Allgeier is BYU's best offensive weapon, even when Hall is at the helm. I know that everyone is all gooey about Romney's play. But not a single one of BYU's scoring drives took more than 4 minutes. The cougs needed to stretch those out longer, beat down that USF defense, and give their own D a breather. This was a major contributor to point 4, below. The love affair with Romney's passing cost at least 1 touchdown as well. That 1st and goal inside the 5 that turned into nothing should have been Tyler'3 3rd TD. USF had no answer for him, and he would have scored. If Allgeier gets 25+ touches in that game, BYU covers the spread, IMO.

4) Despite the overwhelming negative feelings toward Tuiaki, the defensive woes were not him, or at least not ALL him. No doubt, he didn't call a perfect game. But scheme was not the main cause for the injuries. The injuries came in large part from fatigue and all that comes from that, additionally from that fact that FOOTBALL IS A PHYSICAL GAME. For cryin' out loud folks, it's football. Injuries happen. Next guy needs to step up. A coordinators first job is to put playmakers in position to make plays. I think Tuiaki did a good job at that in this game. This was a really good opportunity for other big defensive playmakers (who didn't get injured) to make a statement and they just didn't. This was a great opportunity for guys like Wilgar or Ah You to really assert themselves. But, they didn't. After the fumble in the 1st quarter, there were no big defensive momentum shifting plays, no TOs, no big time sacks, no play-breaking TFLs. USF played a nearly flawless 2nd half, and no one stepped up to try to get them off their groove. This is where I think Tuiaki made the mistake. He needed to dial something up to get the defense revved up, and if he did that, either it was poorly executed or it was the wrong play for the wrong time.

5) Again, Cougs WON! 4-0, with all wins being strong, gutty performances. They have done what they needed to do. People that fear about USU need to stop. It's the Aggies...if BYU loses, that would be an epic, humiliating loss. There is absolutely no reason for fans to worry about that one. This is a really good, and surprisingly deep team. This season has the makings of something really special. Step out of the role of the beaten down fan and enjoy a great team.
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