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Sep 26, 2021
TADOW All-American
Listened to 1280 on the way home last night
Hans was talking and somebody called and talked about the defense and the QB etc. Hans said that the 2 ends that were out in addition to Mahe were the biggest reasons why USF was able to move the ball. The USF QB was on the run a lot last night and Hans said one of Batty’s roles is to keep him inside to let others make plays on him. The backups were not as assignment sound as our regular starters are. He said hands how the ASU QB was the best QB we have played and you could see what the defense was supposed to look like against him as we contained him for the most part.

His main point was the sky is not falling and the defense will be just fine. It will help the next two weeks as we play more traditional style QBs.
Our defense will be fine and we will come back hungry and ready to go.

He also mentioned the offense tried to be a little too creative at times and said Allgier and Kotoa each needed about 5 more carries.
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