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Sep 28, 2021
krindorr Truly Addicted User
RE: That brings up another problem I have with the article
Winning and losing matters far more than style points. If everyone ahead of BYU keeps winning (they won't), BYU won't move up much, if at all, even if they keep winning as well. Because winning matters. If teams ahead of BYU lose, and BYU wins, BYU moves up. That's how it should work

I felt Alabama should have dropped a bit after barely beating Florida

So which is it? Should teams be judged on wins and losses only? Or should teams drop for less impressive wins? Something like barely beating a good Florida team, or a one possession win over an abysmal USF?

Really hard to have it both ways, arguing Alabama should move down for not beating Florida by enough but criticize someone for arguing BYU's victory over USF wasn't impressive enough
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