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Oct 3, 2021
moknowssports Truly Addicted User
How exactly was BYU ‘screwed’ in the rankings this week?
We are going to quibble in Week 5 over whether we should have been 8/9/10? There’s really no difference there. And being 1-2 spots too low in the polls hardly feels like a ‘hose’ job. There are teams with way bigger gripes than us MAYBE being a spot or two too low.

‘Michigan hasn’t beat anybody.’ We beat a winless Arizona, a .500 Utah, a ranked ASU (that’s nothing to sneeze at), and a 3-2 mid-level G5. Only one of those games was on the road. Remember how HUGE our win at Wisconsin was. Yeah, they turned out to be a pretender that year too. This year they just got exposed earlier…

‘Oregon lost to Stanford.’ In OT without its best offensive and defensive player. They also beat a team with the third most playoff wins ever on their home field. Best win of the year to date. Ohio State just doesn’t lose much and at home (in the non-conference) it’s truly rarified air.

The whole sky is falling/pollsters are biased schtick is overreach this week. It will all shake out over time. Whether we are 8, 9, or 10 in week 5 still doesn’t amount to much. If we end up 10-2 or worse then the people who were hesitant about us will have been right (I bet you won’t apologize to them for the names you wrote or thought about them). If we finish 12-0, they will likely be ‘forced’ into repentance because all the teams around us will lose games. Plural.

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