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Oct 11, 2021
boogers Intervention Needed
Stupid posts like this are...stupid. I never lived in Utah until I went to
BYU and have not lived in Utah for most of my adult life. Most "people" don't hate BYU sports. I can't think of any, even Texas fans here don't hate BYU.

Most don't really think much about them at all, frankly, but when they do it is generally quite favorable. Sorry if you want to think otherwise, but anyone that lives outside of the intermountain west will tell you the same. Even in California.

So, who hates BYU? Primarily the same ones that BYU kicked around for 25 plus years in the WAC and MWC. I wonder why? Add some BSU fans to that mix and that's it. Even the wokesters don't hate BYU for anything other than it opposes their agenda, not because of some perceived arrogance complex.

BYU fans would be the same as most other fans in the country except they have a governor on their behavior because nobody want to make the Church look bad. Which makes them actually much better fans than most.

As for the linked Boise chamber of commerce promo post, NOBODY in the country takes Boise seriously as an academic institution, so criticism of BYU as not a good education is comical as is criticism of post graduate work. As to any of the other "fan" stuff, every fanbase does it, but at least BYU fans cuss less.

And to the point, I see MORE BYU fans, even on here, give credit where due and frequently much more than due to BSU, Utah, USU, and even SDSU (rarely to Wyoming, but c'mon) than any of those whiny fanbases ever reciprocate.
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