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Oct 12, 2021
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Haven't heard this concern raised, but it should be near the top.
I saw something on Saturday that caused me PTSD (related especially to the Wisconsin home game a few years ago).

My concern is this: In the first half, especially, we got absolutely out-coached because of our defensive predictability and lack of deception.

It was super frustrating to watch Bachmeier approach the LOS before EVERY snap, look at our defensive alignment, look to the sideline to confirm an audible, then make an adjustment that was almost 100% successful.

Based on our alignment, BSU knew EXACTLY what we were doing defensively and simply audibled a play to counter that defense. Over and over again.

Eventually BYU started countering their audible with a defensive switch, and that seemed to be helpful… but by then it was already 20-10.

My point is this: The “drop 8” is not so much of a concern to me as is our telegraphic defense. We NEED to be more creative in hiding our coverage. When we rush 3, at least disguise it with 4-5 on the line, and when we bring pressure let’s come from an unexpected or unpredictable spot.

A QB should rarely be able to scan a defense and know for certainty what he’s facing. If there isn’t some element of apprehension by the QB, the O already has the advantage. That’s what I saw during the first half on Saturday.

(I’m certainly not pinning this loss on the defense. Offensive turnovers lost us the game. But regardless, this is an ongoing concern I have with our defensive scheme.)
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