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Oct 12, 2021
IrishBlue All-American
Woke up this morning to a devastated yard. About half our trees were damaged,
some beyond saving. Our yard is like a mini botanical garden, so several of the trees were rare trees we spent years trying to procure. It's really disheartening.

Fruit trees split. Our big London Planetree split. Fall cherry snapped. Redbud snapped. Katsura damaged. List goes on and on. Probably have twenty trees with significant damage.

I spent the morning knocking snow off the branches. I'm hoping once the snow melts and I can get a better look that I'll be able to bind up some of the branches and save the trees. Several of them the main leader snapped, so it will take years of training to get a new leader. Hopefully by tomorrow the snow will have mostly melted and I can assess what I need to do start the recovery.

I love the snow, but not this. 😞
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