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Oct 12, 2021
FatThor All-American
Alcohol in the stands on Saturday
I experienced a first at LES on Saturday. A couple of gentlemen (BYU fans) in front of me slipped out during the first quarter and came back a little later. I didn't think anything of it. I noticed a faint smell of beer and could see one of them pull a can out from their coat, take a sip, and put it back. I assume their first quarter field trip was to have someone pass some brewskis through the fence to enjoy during the game. My initial thought was to call stadium security but honestly they were pretty chill and not bothering anyone so I didn't do anything.

Just before halftime, stadium security came over and confronted them about the alcohol. Security escorted them away and I figured they'd be gone for the rest of the game. To my surprise, they came back 10 minutes later and got to watch the rest of the game.

BYU held firm to the no-alcohol rule but ultimately allowed these fans to stay. BYU gets a lot of crap for their draconian rules but I thought this was handled perfectly.

Does this happen very often and I'm just naive to it?
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