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Oct 12, 2021
cougfanz All-American
Anyone been "yellow carded" by a flight attendant
Flying cross country on Alaska with a three year old.

Right after take off our 3 year old pulled down his mask down from his nose without my wife seeing (kind of partly covering his mouth). Flight attendant comes by and gives us a warning. Got it. We pulled the mask up over the nose

On/off through the flight our 3 year keeps taking his mask down and we keep pulling it up. But no other mentions from the stewardesses.

My wife then snoozes off a little and the 3 year old watching his ipad pulled his mask down. Our 8 year old had her mask off while eating chips. Flight attendant freaks out. raises her voice talking to both kids. Wags the finger and does the head bobbing side to side thing.

My wife who can be a hothead actually stayed calm and said don't speak to her kids like that and she can talk to her if she has any issues.

She then threatens my wife with a "yellow card".. I'm in the row in front trying to act like I'm not with them so I don't get on TMZ or a no-fly list.

But then I couldn't really find out what a yellow card meant. So curious if anyone has gotten one.

FUnny thing is my 3 year old kept his mask on for the rest of the flight though he did throw a huge tantrum saying the "airplane lady was scary" when we were trying to get on our connecting flight.
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