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Oct 13, 2021
kimdaddy35 Future Lions Scout
This is a very scary thing to say as a defensive coordinator
First off, shouldn't you expect to see something a little bit different every week? Most coordinators do.

Anyway, here are three key attributes of a great defensive coach:

Can generally anticipate how an offense will attack his defense
Can recognize and adjust his defense when an offense attacks differently than expected
Has his defense prepared in case a team plays differently than expected

Think of it in basketball terms:

An offense is killing you with one guy beating the guy you thought could defend him:

You can adjust by putting a different defender on that guy.
You can run a box and one against that guy.
You can run a zone to prevent that guy from beating someone one on one.
Many other options but I am trying to keep this simple.

Or you can finish the game and say we didn't think Player A would be able to beat player B and he did and we either weren't prepared to put a different defender on him and don't know how to run a zone or a box and one or we didn't recognize that player A could beat player B until too late.

Now could some of this be coach speak? I suppose but did we see a lot of adjustments to stop the run? The 7 minute drive to start the 2nd half would say no. Hopefully they will learn from this.
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