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Oct 13, 2021
Y'zGuy Intervention Needed
My sons HS got screwed and forced to forfeit a game
Opening game kid gets an unsportsmanlike . They claimed it was his second so ejected him. It was in second half so he ha to sit first half of next week.

Refs at end admitted they made mistake and it was not on him it was on another player and he shouldn’t have been ejected. They did not submit the report for him which would require him to sit out.

Next game kid plays full game and we win. Opposing coach files protest because he says an ineligible player played. The state sports rules in favor of the coach.

Our team appeals. Referee admits the mistake and that he specifically didn’t file the needed work to require the kid to sit.

State upholds ruling so we forfeit that game.

How is that remotely fair?
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