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Oct 13, 2021
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This is going to be a futile attempt.... but STOP calling for the back QB...
Just during Kalani's tenure:

2016 summer and into the season starting 1-3: "Put in Mangum over Taysom!" - "Taysom Sucks"...
2017 - Mangum underperforms in worst season in 50 years. (FANS WERE WRONG)
2018 - Mangum underperforms, and is benched for Zach Wilson. (FANS WERE WRONG)
2019 - Zach Wilson plays hurt, underperforms to a degree, gets injured and sits. Jarom and Baylor both play some.
2020 summer: "If the coaches don't start Baylor over Zach they are incompetent". Zach goes on to have one of the best statistical seasons ever at the QB spot. 2nd overall draft pick. (FANS WERE WRONG... AGAIN)
2021 summer - Portions of the fan base call for all 3 front runners to get the Job. Jaren named starter. Get's 2 top 25 wins, including first win over Utah in 12 years. Gets hurt. Baylor plays 2 games against the two worst defenses BYU has played, and looks awesome with the deep ball, decision making, etc... Jaren loses 1 game, and it is "Bench Jaren, I've seen enough"...


Man, this place is full of idiots. 95%+ of us know much less about football than BYU's coaching staff, and 100% of us know less about each of these players than the coaching staff. They know who gives the team the best chance to win. You don't. STOP IT.

Often as fans we are right in our "small picture" observations. Taysom wasn't the greatest passer, and coming off the lisfranc had lost some burst on his runs to start 2016 (which he later regained in the NFL). Jaren has been a bit slow in getting the ball out at times. Baylor has had some pretty deep balls. But Jaren was going against two really really good DBs, and Baylor was not. Jaren has been (to my untrained eye) very conservative, not putting the ball in harms way. Baylor does not seem as concerned with that. If Baylor plays against Utah or ASU, does he throw a pick trying to squeeze one in there? No one knows... BUT... we need to trust the coaches more about the BIG PICTURE... which is WINS. Just win. If the coaches believe Jaren gives us the best chance to win, then he is the guy. Can they be wrong? Sure... but the data on this coaching staff shows that they haven't been wrong before.

Last thing on Baylor and Jaren... I think it's simply too early to know. Both have started 6 or less games in their career. (off the top of my head, feel free to correct me if I am off). That said, after Jaren delivered 3 P12 south wins for us this year ... I'm not gunna come calling for him to sit after 1 loss... a loss which is not anywhere near his fault.
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