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Oct 14, 2021
NewYorkCougar Playmaker
Things you never thought you’d say or hear as a parent.
I know I’m raising my children right, or at least my daughter (7). She came home from a primary activity this week with a Whoopi cushion and has been actively setting up situations for me to sit on it. I’m usually a pretty good sport and “innocently” sit where she tells me to, resulting in a fantastic flatulence, much to her laughter and delight.

The kid took the Whoopi cushion with us on a family outing yesterday. On our way home, she and her older brother were arguing in the back seat over who gets to play with the Whoopi cushion, which is making all kinds of noises in the back-and-forth struggle.

My wife had enough and shouts, “We don’t argue over things that make farting noises!”


For about two seconds until I start laughing.

Thankfully so did my wife.
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