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Oct 14, 2021
Borg All-American
BYU @ Baylor=Record breaking day at Magnolia Farms Silos from all LDS/BYU HCBW's
making this a "MUST" attend away game of the year for themself and husband.

Traditionally...Waco Texas will not know what hit them with all the LDS women wanting to go to Waco for this football game.

NOTE (1): Does NOT increase ticket sales for the game as LDS influx into Waco will be divided in half: BYU Men going to the Football game; BYU Women going to Magnolia Farms/Silos

Note (2): Could potentially add up to be the most expensive away game BYU men have ever attended. Game=$80 ticket, Program=$5, Food/Drinks=$30, Plane ticket (2)=$450, Hotel=$175, Rental Car=$80. Football cost= $820. HCBW at Silos = $925....HCBW ideas of "fixing up/remodeling home upon return=$33,860.00.

Good luck men
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