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Oct 16, 2021
Park Mope Walk-on
Deedra Russell Update
From Facebook: For those of you who have asked for an update

Deedra Valentine Russell was placed back in the ICU on Saturday October 9 due to difficulty breathing. She was later diagnosed with pneumonia. She has been on a bipap machine to help open her lungs and antibiotics to fight the infection. Yesterday they took off the bipap for awhile, and she was able to get enough oxygen with a double nasal cannula. However, she wasn’t exhaling enough CO2, which was accumulating in her blood. So they put her back on the bipap last night. She is on her way to beating the infection!

Her kidneys still have not woken up, so dialysis continues 3x/week.

Her bowels are still slightly leaking, but should eventually heal on their own. Still can only take small sips of water & no food until the leaking stops.

Nasal fracture, right femur fracture, & left elbow dislocation/humerus/radius/ulna fractures surgically repaired. Difficult rehab ahead because she can’t hold herself up with a walker due to her left arm fracture.

Facial, rib, left ankle, bilateral feet and bilateral toe fractures should all heal without surgery.

She has a lot of left knee pain, so will get an MRI at a later date.

Yesterday, her sister Shalei was cleaning her hair and found a large gash in the back of her head. This will need to be packed so it can heal without getting infected.

When the bipap is off, she is sharp and communicates well.

I get asked frequently, “How is Deedra doing?” The truth is she is miserable, struggling but in good Spirits and has said, “I will fight for my family!”

Deedra is the strongest person I know. Not only is she my eternal companion, but she is my best friend.

She will continue to fight and get through this with all of our continued prayers, thoughts, love & faith in our Savior. Heavenly & earthly angels are supporting her and our family! We thank and love you all!!!

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