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Oct 16, 2021
dchandle15 All-American
Regarding Jaren… he’s very good in areas. But his struggles are the small things
It’s similar to Zach in the NFL. He can be extremely explosive. He can hit the deep ball when it’s open, and has done it quite a bit. And he’s fast as hades in the open field.

But it’s the small throws and the defensive reads he doesn’t always get right. Hitting a receiver in traffic over the middle… Putting just the right touch on a fade route… implementing the right timing on a 3-step drop… he has the skillset and the potential to be among the best. But he hasn’t yet mastered the “art” of signal-calling.

I certainly believe Jaren has the most potential of the QB’s on the roster. I don’t believe he’s the main reason they lost today, either. But I do see where there’s a debate whether Baylor could run a more effective offense with fewer stalled drives and punts. Baylor does execute some of those other elements very well, and frankly may be the better quarterback at this point in time because of his execution.

Similar to the Zach vs. Baylor debate, it comes down to whether you believe in Jaren’s potential and whether he’s going to make that leap to the next level and start to pick up on the rest. If you do, you’re probably going to have to let him start and learn. And maybe Baylor starting simply has to do with him being better at this moment to stabilize the offense and avoid too much pressure on the defense. I’m not sure how you quantify that. It’s certainly a tough line to walk.
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