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Oct 19, 2021
Bert609 Intervention Needed
What Toyota doesn't tell you is why that engine went 1,000,000. Click this post, the answer may surprise you.
The 2UZ-FE V8 from 2002-2009 (through 2012 in China) is the mill that went 1,000,000 miles (twice). There are also a number of them (particularly 100 series Land Cruisers) over 500k miles and obviously hundreds of Tundras and Sequioas on the road today with 250-300k+.

It's arguably the most proven high mileage gasoline motor of all time.

I own two of them. Here is the secret.

1) Relatively high displacement, low pressure, naturally aspirated V8. The 2UZ-FE is 4.7L and makes 271HP and 315 ft*lbs with VVT, but most make an embarrassing (even by the day's standards) 232HP but a respectable 311 Ft*lbs. These were designed from the ground up as low-revving, high torque at low RPM motors and were never produced to even qualify at HP contests, let alone win one. So, 232 HP at 4.7L is 49.3 HP/L (I know, I'm mixing SI and Imperial units here). It's also port injected to keep the intake valves clean.

Let's take a look at the Ecoboost Ford. It is 375HP and 470 Ft*lbs in the F150. That's 107.14 HP/L. In other words, the mechanical stresses and forces on the Toyota motor is significantly less. It's also direct injected, so walnut blasting is required, although I heard they incorporated a seperate set of injectors to combat this (good call).

2) The 2UZ FE is a large Cast iron Block. The block was specifically chosen to prevent warping and entrain heat. Aluminum blocks are lighter weight (better mpg), but cast iron is more durable. You can overheat a cast iron block engine and pull over and rarely have to change a head gasket. With all aluminum, not only will you have to change head gaskets, but may also need to change warped heads.

3) The 2UZ-FE has a rubber timing belt. Toyota owners replace this every 80-100k miles. When doing so, the water pump is part of the kit. The #1 killer of gas motors is heat, particularly from cooling system failures. In order to change the timing belt, the radiator must go too. Most owners replace it all. It's a $780-1400 repair depending on how good of a job you do. For 1,000,000 miles that is over $10k in "routine maintenance". By keeping the cooling system fresh, that keeps many of these motors on the road. Even if you don't change the radiator, replacing the coolant refreshes the coolant inhibitors (which are only good for 5-7 years). How often do you flush your coolant? I know on my truck, I haven't. It's 10 years old. It needs it badly. Toyota owners are replacing their coolant every timing belt change, which is 80-100k or 7 years. Whichever comes first. Hmm... 7 years, right on par with coolant life.

Toyota has the bragging rights, but I'd argue the Chevy Ly6/L96 6.0 Vortec is the better V8. Cast iron block. Timing chain. Pushrods instead of overhead cam. 361hp at 6L is 60.1 HP/L, so even it has more stress than the 2UZ-FE, but you don't need $10k in "routine maintenance". Although chevy owners aren't flushing their coolant either. #1 issue with old chevy motors? Old DexCool. The Toyota Coolant really isn't much different from DexCool, it's just Tundra owners are replacing that coolant every timing belt change.

SO, for those of you who made it this far: What is Toyotas secret sauce for 1,000,000 motors?

* High displacement, low HP, naturally aspirated motor with a cast iron block and a cooling overhaul every 5-7 years.

Does the new Tundra have any of that? Nope. I'd be wary about "Toyota reliability" on the twin turbo V6 until it has proven itself.

Bonus: The outgoing 5.7L Tundra has a timing chain instead of a timing belt that I'm a huge fan of. IMO it's a better design and I'd love to own one. But, it is not as reliable as the "million mile motor". Most people are having coolant issues in the valley of the motor which requires ripping the intake off to fix the gasket. Why does this seal fail? The engine is cast aluminum, so there you have it.
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