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Oct 21, 2021
Goliath Truly Addicted User
Cincinnati deserves the Playoffs. Their only loss in 2 years is to UGA by 3 pts
in Georgia. This year they're crushing everyone. They're "worst" wins are by 11 points at Notre Dame and by 14 at Indiana. Other than those two games, their smallest margin of victory is 35 points. That is pretty solid domination.

I don't know how anybody can argue they don't deserve a shot in the Playoffs. And if you do want to argue that, you'd have to argue that BYU didn't deserve their Nat'l Championship. We beat a crappy Pitt team by six; a crappy Hawaii team by 5. Wyoming by 3; Air Force by 5; and our crowning achievement was beating a mediocre Michigan by 7.
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