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Oct 21, 2021
rad dawg All-American
Failure to launch is not only becoming common but widely accepted.
I have helped several people over the past few years get entry level jobs with my employer. Lots of opportunity to make decent money, start a career and go to school with almost all of it paid for (I paid $150/month to finish my undergrad and will be paying about $220 to complete my masters).

50% of the people I have referred for employment over the last 5 years have quit because they could not handle 8 hours of work or they wanted to travel and "be free". Every single one has come back to me at some point asking for help getting their job back. The answer is always no. Today I got another such call. Dude in his mid 30's made it 7 months before giving up and spending his life savings on a high mileage SUV and rooftop tent to travel the world. Made it all the way to Santa Fe before realizing $$ wasnt just going to appear in his bank account. Now he is moving back in with Mom and Dad. Listen I get it, travelling is super cool but these youtube personalities that do it full time either start with massive amounts of cash or the KEEP THEIR JOBS! The jobs I helped these people get are all work from anywhere situations. Just have a home address somewhere and a stable internet connection on your work days and you are good to go. Between my wife and I we are close to several people who thought they could just start driving around the U.S. with a video camera and become a youtube sensation overnight. The saddest part is that moving back in with their parents is always portrayed as totally normal and acceptable. These people have no idea the long term problems they are causing for themselves.
rad dawg
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