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Oct 21, 2021
Mr. Rumsfield Contributor
I just had the saddest phone call with a client
I have this awesome client who is seriously such a good guy and one of my favorite clients. He is mid 40's and has a few kids and is a huge sports fan. He knows I am a huge BYU fan and always talks to me about BYU sports. We are good friends.

Anyway, we hadn't talked in about 2 months and he just called me up. I answered the phone and there was a ton of static in the background and it honestly sounded like an 90 year old guy on the other end, breathing really hard. He told me how he got Covid and then pneumonia six weeks ago and has been in the hospital for the last 40 days and he thinks he is through the worst of it. His doctors didn't think he was going to make it. Yesterday his wife took him outside in a wheelchair for the first time.

He was pausing every 3-4 seconds to catch his breath and he doesn't know if his lungs will every fully recover. He was a pretty active guy. He wasn't in great shape, but wasn't hugely overweight and did not have any pre-existing conditions. I did not ask him if he was vaccinated or not as it's none of my business.

My bigger point is that it just shook me. I feel so bad for this guy. He is hoping to get out of the hospital by the end of the month and then continue to recover at home. He honestly sounded like my wife's grandfather who is in his 90's. I'm praying that he can fully recover. It honestly shook me. I'm sitting here thinking about how fragile life is. Very sad for this guy. Again, it sounds like he is through the worst of it, but he is unsure if he will fully recover or if this thing just shaved a decade or two off his life.

**Mods, I didn't put this in Covid because it is not meant to be political at all, but feel free to move it.
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