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Oct 25, 2021
kimdaddy35 Future Lions Scout
One thing that has been expressed on this board, but deserves to be reiterated at this point is how much Kalani and this
staff have appreciated the fans and made sure that the players do as well.

On Saturday all of the following happened:
Kalani came out and gave a heartfelt thank you to the fans (not audible, but you could read his lips and tell from his gesture) at the Washington St game.
Kalani again after the game gave a heartfelt thank you to the fans before he brought the entire team over to sing the fight song.
The entire team as they always do on road games ran around and gave the fans a five.
I saw on two separate occasions cheerleaders climb up over the wall (not terribly hard, but not easy) to take pictures with fans.
Of course Cosmo took pictures with fans for at least 45 minutes after the game.
Puka Nacua offered his gloves to two of my nephews (who didn't know what to do and declined, so another nice kid was able to get them).
The players cheered for the fans for coming out.

In the overall scheme of things each of these things is small. But it no doubt makes you feel like part of the BYU Football Family. That is a big deal. I am still not convinced Kalani is a great X's and O's coach. I have been critical of him in the past in this regards. He took a few lumps early on with both game and time management. He has gotten better. But I am sure he loves BYU, the players and the fans and pretty much everyone that helps this team in any way. He has found a couple of good coaches to run the offense over the past few years. In my opinion he could use a different guy to run the defense. But, I have come around on him being the right guy to lead our program for a long time (I realized this before this past Saturday, but the actions of the players convinced me even more).

When we say we about BYU football I believe we have a coach that firmly believes we (us fans) are a part of it.
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