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Nov 20, 2021
jimmyling 3rd String
The only path I can believe in for NY6 looks like this:
Georgia Wins out and crushes Bama. (1)
Ohio State wins out (2)
Cinci wins out (3)

Notre Dame wins out
Oklahoma State wins out (beats OU and then Baylor)
Two Loss Alabama.

Ole Miss loses to Miss State

I believe this would leave BYU ranked somewhere between #9 - #12 and in consideration. I also believe that the bowls will not select a three loss team unless they are a true blue blood. Which means, the only scenario that makes sense for BYU is if Notre Dame finishes undefeated and is selected over a two loss Alabama. They deliver the viewers of Alabama, and everyone in the college football world is leery of the SEC right now.

Sugar = Bama vs. Oklahoma State
Rose = Michigan vs. Oregon/Utah
Peach = ACC Champ (Pitt?) vs. at large.
Fiesta = at large vs. at large.

10 win at large teams:

10-2 Oklahoma
10-2 Michigan State
10-2 BYU

3 loss Texas AM.
3 loss Wisconsin/Iowa

Fiesta vs Oklahoma would have some great story lines...
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