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Nov 24, 2021
BYU Grounds Intervention Needed
Potions, Lotions and dreams...
actually I think they really do help some people with some things...

The immoral part is the distributor on the downline that is making those claims.

I know there are NuSkin products that people use that are very beneficial for them.

I know of Essential Oils, where people say they help them with headaches or insomnia.

So they are not a rip off to them.

At one time in my past I worked for a company that provided back end software for MLMs or as we called them Direct Sales companies 😆

That's where the subject line comes from, that is what we called them. There are some that are straight snake oil cough cough Noni and Xango cough cough.

We also created their compensation structures so if there focus was to build a downline it compensated for that or if they wanted more product sold it benefited those that sold more product.

I do know that distributors who had huge downlines were always recruited to join with a new company, they made obscene amounts of money
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