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Nov 24, 2021
pistol12 All-American
The missing piece
This is a very good basketball team that could be elite - a legit sweet 16 or elite 8 contender - if Knell could just hit threes consistently.

I don't mean to focus too much on one player, but George and Lohner bring so much else when they are on the court. They will shoot better than they did tonight. They are tough and get so many rebounds and make hustle plays.

What this team needs is a deadly three point shooter and we were all hoping Knell could be that guy.

To me he's been pretty disappointing so far this year. If he finds his shot - when it matters, not when we're already up 20 - look out! We will be extremely difficult to beat.

Come on Knell, come on brother! We are all behind you! Find your groove baby!
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