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Nov 24, 2021
Cougforgood All-American
My thoughts on tonight’s game
It was a frustrating game looking at the box score and seeing a ton of missed shots. We missed quite a few open looks. We also allowed some dribble penetration, similar to last game against central Methodist. Luckily, we have above average to really good rim protection. We also have elite rebounding!

It seemed like Texas Southern’s game plan was to play very tight D and then double anytime anyone drove. We aren’t great at kicking it out, which needs to develop as the year goes on, similar to Pope’s first year. But what we did incredibly well was take advantage of the open space given from TS doubling and we got so many offensive rebounds. Gavin, Fous, GG, Seneca we’re fantastic on the boards and that’s what kept this from ever being super close, although it was only 10 points with about 6 minutes left.

AB - the man is human haha, but his ending heave was awesome! I hope he takes that and comes to Saturday’s game super confident and looks for his a little more. I’d love to see him drive more. Tonight just was one of those nights where everyone else had to win it for us. And he wasn’t needed to deviate from the normal strategy. We took what TS gave us.

Lucas - well done tonight Tejon, he was aggressive and looked to drive frequently. This is super important to keep teams honest in not doubling AB as much.

GG - great rebounding, but he’s got tunnel vision still. You know when he’s going to shoot it. He rarely passes outside of the normal weave. It was nice to see a 3 go down for him.

Seneca - I love his D and rebounding. I don’t expect to see much of any 3 point shooting from him this year. But he brings a great skill to this team and I think that’s why Pope is willing to sacrifice shooting in favor of destroying on the boards with him, fous, Caleb and GG together with AB on the floor (which is a horrible shooting team).

Caleb - he will play through his struggles. But this was the first game I saw where he showed he’s got zero confidence. Keep playing Caleb! We need him. There’s no one that can man significant minutes behind him at 4. Fous is a 5, you don’t want him having to clog the lane with another big on the floor. Baxter is the same. GG and Seneca can spell minutes, but don’t see them having the size to play 30 a night at 4. Caleb is such a energy guy. He will hit some shots. Similar to last year.

Baxter - dude just impacts the game. Can’t wait for more minutes.

Fous - my favorite player right now. He just makes so many right decisions. He’s got a quick twitch and a quick jump that is impressive. I love him playing rim protector.

Overall, I love this team. Such heart and energy. We lack shooting and we need to find it. We will need it! But I believe our strengths allow us to be patient in developing into it.

Go cougs
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