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Nov 25, 2021
TADOW All-American
Turkey Bowl stats this morning
2 touchdown passes
2 touchdown runs
A pick 6
A fumble recovery
4 pass break ups
2 sacks by blitz
4 sacks by counting to 5/7 Mississippi(see below)
A few stats that I kept track of:
I blew up the wedge on the kickoff 3 times
The 2nd half, the QB didn’t even throw in my direction because of how much I shut down the field in the 1st half
Also in the 1st half, we had a 5 Mississippi count but because of my domination, it got changed to 7.

It felt really good to humble the 11-13 year old deacons in my ward. They were talking trash all week and after my call to Kyle Whittingham, I knew I had to hold them accountable. Nobody was seriously injured except for the deacons pride.

Final score - My team 63
Deacons Quorum 0

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!
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