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Nov 25, 2021
HarlemCoug Free to change my mind
50 free tickets to the BYU vs Yewts basketball game. Tickets are general admission. My preference is that a student
takes all 50 of them and then is in charge of distributing them to other students.

I don't want you to sell any of them. This isn't a money making venture for you - the spirit of this is to get free tickets to noisy fans.

(note that I'll have your email and will try to embarrass you if I see the tickets for resale on KSL/Stubhub/Facebook etc)

BM me if you want to be responsible for all 50 or 25 of them..
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Edit -Tickets gone .... Note that I haven't heard back from the ROC yet. (not surprising considering the short (HarlemCoug, Nov 26, 2021 at 9:00am)


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