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Nov 25, 2021
Hoid All-American
I've been super critical of the WoT TV adaptation, but I think *spoilers*
I'm turning a corner on the show. Episode 4 may have just won me over.

I still can't stand some of the changes to the core "rules" of the universe. That still really bothers me. Having said that, I've been really trying to mentally disassociate the show with the books, and when I can do that, I find myself enjoying the show for what it is.

So, with that in mind... Wow. Episode 4 really got me. The episode felt a bit slow for the first half, but I think part of that is because a lot of it was explanation and introduction of some different things and concepts I'm already familiar with as a reader of the books (the way of the leaf, lots on Aes Sedai and warder bonds, introductions to the different ajahs, etc.). That ending, though, was awesome. I loved the battle scenes, especially with the green ajah Aes Sedai there. Also, when Logain broke free (the second time) and pretty much killed everybody, and then Nynaeve goes *boom*. When that happened, I thought to myself, "OK, so the show is REALLY not the books, but heck, that was just freaking awesome". That scene may have just won me over on the show.

I know it will continue to be a struggle at times in being disappointed that the show is not turning out to be what I really wanted (a good/true representation of the books), but I'm also getting to a point where I think I can start to enjoy the show for what it is. Tonight helped me take big step in that direction.
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