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Nov 25, 2021
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I used to love it when my friends and I would go to Palm Springs
for the weekend. We would get so tan. Likewise, when I lived in San Fran back in the day, we would drive out to Walnut Creek and sit at the pool for a few hours.
When we got home to San Francisco, we would be all tan and people would just look and stare at you as nobody in San Francisco
has, or gets a tan as it is way too cold. As I can recall, it would be in the 50's in the winter and the the low 60's, at best in the summers.
Water on three sides of the city and the fog would roll in (at least for half the city) and keeps it extra cool, and dreary. Very unusual weather.
But...once we had an extreme heatwave and it was 95 degrees. I don't have to tell you that everyone had a hard time dealing with it as we
were not used to that kind of weather (after living in San Francisco).
84 natlchamps
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