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Nov 30, 2021
theOnceler Glorified Waterboy
To combine a few thoughts, our stop rate was really good for the first 3 games,
but got significantly worse as injuries piled up. We had 3 good defensive games after the first 3; Utah St, Idaho St, and Georgia Southern. The other 6 were BAD. South Florida was an abomination, especially when considering the quality of the opponent (they finished 2-10).

* indicates a kneel down drive at the end of the half excluded from the count

Arizona scored on 3 of 11 drives, stop rate of 73%, 1.46 points per drive.
Utah scored on 3 of 10*, stop rate of 70%, 1.7 ppd.
Arizona St scored on 3 of 10*, stop rate of 70%, 1.7 ppd.
South Florida scored on 5 of 8, stop rate of 37.5%, 3.375 ppd.
Utah St scored on 4 of 11, stop rate of 63.6%, 1.81 ppd.
Boise St scored on 4 of 11, stop rate of 54.5%, 2.36 ppd.
Baylor scored on 6 of 10**, stop rate of 40%, 3.8 ppd.
Washington St scored on 3 of 8 *, stop rate of 62.5%, 2.375
Virginia scored on 7 of 14, stop rate of 50%, 3.5 ppd.
Idaho St scored on 2 of 15*, stop rate of 86.7%, 0.93 ppd.
Georgia Southern scored on 3 of 10, stop rate of 70%, 1.7 ppd.
USC scored on 6 of 11, stop rate of 45.5%, 2.82 ppd.
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