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Nov 30, 2021
Mr. Rumsfield Contributor
I've posted about this recruit multiple times. I need some help here
This kid is a stud. He is basically the adopted little brother to my coworker. Her family sponsored him from Angola and they live with him in AZ. He is over here without his family and lives with my coworker and her brothers fulltime.

I have tried connecting with somebody on BYU's basketball team to try and reach out to this kid but have not had any luck. Can anyone pull some strings and help me get through to someone? He is still open and has not committed to a school yet. Oddly enough, my coworker told me that he really likes St. Mary's because they have been recruiting him from the start, but his dream has always been Kentucky.

With Pope's brilliance with star recruits, having played at Kentucky himself, and with our success recruiting guys from Africa, I really think we could have a shot here. Especially with B12 coming and being ranked 12th currently.

I recently sent our Oregon highlight video to my coworker and told her that I was going to try and get BYU to reach out to him and she said, "I'm all for it, and the team looks stacked!"
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