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Dec 1, 2021
Mr. Rumsfield Contributor
Cougarboard is awesome. Thanks to all who reached out! Here's an update:
I just talked to my colleague and she confirmed that Sadraque's recruiting process is still wide open. He plays for the first time with his Arizona team next week and he feels like he has a chip on his shoulder. One thing working in our favor is that he is coming off an injury last year where he didn't play much and feels like nobody has really been reaching out to him. He hasn't felt a lot of love from schools. She said, "Nobody has actually pulled his scholarship offer, but they are not giving him a ton of love. He doesn't know where he stands with most schools." That's music to my ears.

Thanks to a few awesome CB'ers I have the right contact info on the coaching staff.

Again, my colleague is like Sadraque's older sister. She talks to him every day. I just spent about 15 minutes dropping some serious knowledge on her about BYU's basketball program and the trajectory with B12, NIL, current ranking, Pope, roster, etc. She seemed genuinely excited. But she also said, "Let me talk to my brothers and Sadraque and make sure he's open to a conversation. I totally think he would be excited to have one, but let me confirm." So there is a chance that her brothers (who I do not know) are not open to it and talk him out of it.

I know we have a very long shot here, but we have a shot. That's all you can ask for.
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