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Jan 11, 2022
Kevin Arnold 3rd String
Disney gear count
BYU 8 (including 2 in our group)
Utah State 1 (nice old grampa, just how I like my Aggies)
Bama 3 (didn’t appear to know they should have better places to be this evening…)
Steelers 3 (is there a less likable all time QB than Roethlisburger?)
49ers 5
NFL 1 (the existence of swag for an entire league is so funny to me - it’s like wearing a shirt that says “rock music” or “things that are cool” or “pac 12” - so non descriptive it seems like the wearer is vaguely aware that they want association with some group but they don’t understand it well enough for to be specific)

I also saw one of my heroes, Ian Johnson of BSU Fiesta Bowl fame. Fist bumped him. Looks like he could suit up today. He was not wearing BSU gear.
Kevin Arnold
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