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Jan 13, 2022
DraperCoug22 Playmaker
Got to chat with ZW a little bit this week. Figured I'd share a few tidbits:
- Asked him what the biggest surprise has been, being in the NFL. Didn't hesitate to say it was the speed of the game. Guys being able to dedicate 100% of their focus to the game shifts them into an elite gear. Defenses anticipate everything so well that it's very hard to be a step ahead.
- Now that he's Pro, said it feels normal and just part of his path, basically. Feels a lot more comfortable than at the start of the season.
- Jets plan to sign a prolific free agent WR1 in the offseason, and use all their draft picks for the Defense (with maybe one late pick for OL). He is feeling excited about the chemistry going into next year.
- He says it's wild being on the field with guys like Tom Brady that he's grown up watching. He joked about the AB situation and said he would gladly put AB into a Jets jersey, haha.
- Misses the mountains, says he's not a city guy.
- Berrios is his best friend on the team. They've become really close.
- He couldn't watch all of the BYU games because of the late start times on the east coast, but he's glad they had a great year.
- People in Utah recognize him all the time, but he said a lot of the people in NJ still don't recognize him while he's out and about. Joked about being a nobody at the Indian restaurants.

Very nice guy. Just at glance he looks stronger and maybe even a little taller than he was at BYU. Forgot to ask him about his knee, but based on his last couple of games it doesn't seem to be too bad. Also forgot to ask about his off-season plans or Beck's future with the Jets. Oh well.

He is one of my favorite BYU players and I look forward to watching him make some noise for years to come in the NFL.
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