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Jan 13, 2022
Bob Vance All-American
What I don't understand is why Title IX operates under the fiction that men and women are equally interested in

pursuing sports at the same level such that we are even having this discussion of cutting sports for those sorts of reasons.

Cutting / adding sports should be participant interest and revenue based.  I still can't believe we eliminated men's wrestling, gymnastics, and soccer (or don't have them as NCAA).  

The soccer argument about better development doesn't ring correct as I've heard from high school level players that the college pro / club level is somewhere between intramurals and D1, but no one would consider it D1 or higher.  I know of a kid in particular who chose UVU (pre-injury) and then Westminster (post-injury) over BYU for that very reason (he needed the scholarship), and said BYU just couldn't give him elite competition like he would have against D1 teams.

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