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Jan 13, 2022
Cougarite Contributor
I grew up on powdered milk. I dunno what TVL is…. I knew when kids wouldnt sleep
Over cause we had powdered milk. My mom started buying 2% for sleepovers after I complained. Also- one time I brought the sacrament bread a priest came up after and told me not to bring bread anymore cause it was stale. It wasn’t stale it was just home made. I made my parents buy regular bread after that.

Probably the first time I knew was when my kids got more for Easter than I got for X-mas. They would ask what I got and I never got anything for Easter but they got clothes, toys etc.

I will say I was lucky being the youngest. Life improved dramatically when I started Jr high because mom got a job. My poor siblings had it way worse- I dunno if my sister ever had store bought clothes they were all homemade. She had moved out by the time mom went to work. My brother was in high school by then too.
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