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Jan 14, 2022
OC Coug All-American
OK I will explain, if you just want to debate probably no point
Certainly the man's integrity has been shredded this week on the board, I assume you have been here and reading. If you don't agree with that then it's a non starter

So if someone is going to post on this board extolling the evils of drinking and driving and having it remove a lifetime of helping young men to better themselves and, by all accounts of those around him, being an upstanding citizen and benefit to the community and society. Perhaps we could remove our own moral bias as members of the Church against drinking and realize that drinking and driving and the risk it puts people is no greater than trying to communicate the grocery shopping list over text with your wife while speeding down the road with innocent vehicles all around you. One situation we view as being done a truly morally corrupt individual who deserves to "go to jail for a long time" for his mistake while the other was a lapse in judgement by a good person.

That is the reason for the comparison, to provide a different perspective to those who live in a world where everything associated with alcohol is evil and regardless of the end result if alcohol is involved it's just worse.
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