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Jan 14, 2022
TCuz Disgraced Rules President
Just ran into Joe Douglas at the Newark Airport. Asked him about Zach Wilson and got talking about the Jets
He shared with me that the team is happy about Zach’s development towards the end of the year, but the team has some wild plans going into next year. They plan to sign Aaron Rodgers and pioneer a 2-QB, double shotgun offense.

Apparently it’s something Mike LaFluer has dreamed up. Both Zach and Aaron will line up under center in shotgun on any given play. Who will get the ball? You and I don’t know, and neither does the defense. The other QB can run out for a pass route or even block. Really opens things up.

He was a little drunk, but told me this is extreme detail. Pretty wild, and interesting for Zach. You can trust me cause I have 36k CB posts and am not here for a older woman Tinder website (but DMs are open.)
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