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Jan 14, 2022
krindorr Intervention Needed
53 man roster of BYU players in the NFL

QB (2): Steve Young, Jim McMahon
Notes: Probably the strongest position; there's hope Zach can be here later, but it's a tough barrier to crack.  Marc Wilson would likely be the 3rd, but we're only rostering 2

RB (4): Jamaal Williams, Tyler Allgeier, Reno Mahe, Vai Sikahema
Notes: This position is pretty rough. Jamaal is OK, but nobody else has done anything. Have to bet on Allgeier here as any modern backfield needs at least 2 RB. Ring and Lane are listed on the chart above, but were both career ST types. Mahe is a receiving back (and can be split out if needed).  Sikahema is here for kick returns with Mahe as the backup.

WR (5): Golden Richards, Austin Collie, Glenn Kozlowski, Dax Milne, Mark Bellini
Note: Another rough position with not much depth. No BYU WR has ever gone over 680 yards in a season or over 2140 in a career. It's telling that Dax Milne is already arguably the #4 all-time NFL WR out of BYU. Given the roster makeup (depth at TE and underwhelming WR) the plan is to mostly play 1 RB, 2 TE, 2 WR

TE (5): Todd Christenson, Chad Lewis, Dennis Pitta, Ituli Mili, Taysom Hill
Note: This is a lot at TE, but Taysom Hill is also the QB3.  Could drop Mili and add Todd Watkins at WR, but I prefer the 1750 yard receiving guy to the guy with less than 100 career yards.  Christenson might also be used as an H-Back to add more variation

OL (9): John Tait(T), Brad Oates (G/T), Bart Oates(C), Paul Howard (G), Gordon Gravelle (T), Glen Titensor (G/C), Jason Matthews(T), Larry Moore (C/G), Trevor Matich (C/G/T)
Notes: Tait/Oates/Oates/Howard/Gravelle start left to right.  Mathews is the swing tackle, Titensor and Moore provide versatile depth on interior of the line (and allow Brad Oates to kick out to T if ever needed).  Matich is the last-ditch depth option that can back up everybody.

DL (8): Chris Hoke (NT), Travis Hall (DT/DE), Brett Keisel (DE), Ziggy Ansah (DE), John Denney (DE), Ryan Denney (DE), Jason Buck (DT/DE), Chuck Ehin(NT)
Notes: Given all the DE talent we have, we want to run a 3-4 base defense, but truthfully Hall and Buck probably can't play NT in a 3-4 (though they can do DT in a 4-3), especially on run downs.  Because of that we start Hoke, Hall, Keisel and rotate pass-rushers through (Ziggy and Ryan Denney).  Ehin is the backup NT to protect if Hoke goes out.  We can also switch to a 4-3 on occasion by playing Hall and Buck at the DT spots and Keisel and Ansah on the edges.  John Denney can also long snap.

LB (8): Kurt Goiuvea (ILB), Brady Poppinga (ILB), Fred Warner (OLB), Kyle Van Noy (OLB), Rob Morris (ILB), Sione Takitaki (ILB), Leon White (OLB), Jeff Staggs (OLB/DE)
Notes: Goiuvea, Poppinga, Warner, Van Noy start.  Takitaki excels in coverage and Rob Morris in run support.  Leon White provides an extra pass rushing LB as depth.  Jeff Staggs is the last OLB and can also move to DE in a pinch. All contribute on special teams

CB (6): Dick Felt, Michael Davis, Derwin Gray, Tim McTyer, Brian Mitchell, Rodney Thomas
Notes: Really we need 3 starters here and only have 2 quality options in Felt and Davis.  Gray only has 3 NFL starts, Kozlowski (listed in the original) is a a safety and attended Colorado, not BYU.  McTyer is a guy you don't want on the field either.  Might have to try to convert a S to CB somewhere, but don't have a ton there either

S (4): Dan Sorenson, Chris Farasoupolos, Tom Holmoe, Aaron Francisco
Notes: Decent here, start Sorenson and Farasoupolos.  Holmoe and Francisco are the backups.  These were all listed as FS above, but they're our 4 best and Sorenson has played some SS as has Francisco.

ST (2): Owen Pochman (K), Lee Johnson (P) 
Notes: Denney serves as LS, but is already list on the Defensive Line


So that's the 53 man roster.  Honestly, I don't know how successful we'll be because so much of the talent we've sent to the NFL has been concentrated in a few spots.  On offense we've got great QBs, adequate starting RBs (with poor depth), and poor WR, so a LOT of the game is going to have to go through our excellent TE core.  We've got a solid offensive line though.  Defensive line as well, including some great pass rushers but that defensive backfield is very weak and is going to get picked on.  This is a team that would have been a lot better before the NFL became so pass-heavy.  Going to need a clever coach to find ways to go TE heavy and to hide our pass defense.

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