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Jan 15, 2022
HarlemCoug Free to change my mind
How can anyone say that he's better? He's a DL coach of a nonP5 team. He was a tight end coach in 2019. He doesn't
have a track record of winning football games as a d-coordinator. Could he be a better coach in the future? Maybe... but we have no idea. Certainly not enough evidence to say he's better.

If he was so great why didn't BSU just hire him to be the d-coordinator? Or the head coach? Or why didn't one of the P-5 schools hire him? Or why was he even willing to accept a non d-coordinator job? Or why was he coaching tights ends at a non-P5 school in 2019? Or why was Justin Ena the d-coordinator and not Frank?

My point is that none of us know enough. I certainly don't. How many conversations have any of us ever had with Maile? Maybe 20 guys on CB know him and of those 20 guys how many know Tuiaki well? If someone here has a ton of info about both of them, then they certainly aren't talking right now. How well does he recruit? Do we have any idea? Would he even come to BYU? Do we at least know that much?

We are so far removed from having enough data/experience/expertise to have a competent opinion about firing the DC that it's wrong that people are calling for Tuiaki's job. The reality is... we just don't know. And because we don't know, we shouldn't call for the guy's job.

We've got to trust that Kalani and Tom have a million more data points about the subject. They don't need Cougarnation teaming up against Tuiaki.

Some fanbases have run good coaches out of town.... and have regretted it later.

We should leave coaching changes up to Kalani and Tom... they've earned the right to get some rope from us.

Final point for clarity. I'm not defending Tuiaki. I'm saying that Kalani and Tom should make the call on whether or not to keep him...
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